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March 26th 2024 | Homemaking & Minimalism

5 Powerful Tips to Create a Minimalist Lifestyle Today. EASILY!

You may have seen the minimalist aesthetic or for home or office decor around the web. Minimalism started with art and in fashion comes and goes over the decades. Using minimalism in the home is a great way to keep your space tidy. However, creating a minimalist lifestyle overall can allow you peace of mind in all areas of life, not just possessions and style.

The truth is, you can incorporate minimalism into your entire lifestyle pretty quickly and easily. If you need some order and peace of mind in your life then keep reading!

How do I know?

Well, I used to have a walk in closet I called "The hurricane". Yeah, clothes just all wound up all over the floor, nothing matched, I never knew what to wear. My home was just a cluttered mess of crates full of art supplies, or very terrible "decor". And by that I mean, literal garbage hanging on the walls. Who even was I?!

My finances? Ha! Where do I begin? I used mainly cash then and had a bunch of random pre-paid cards I'd have to refill at the cashier in grocery stores. And my phone was always prepaid, even my rent was month-to-month. There's nothing wrong with that, I was definitely one of those "F the system!" types. But, nothing was simple, streamlined and all the extra added more stress and chaos to my life.

Fast, forward to when I became pregnant with W. I was ready to be a lot more structured and organized. I was about to have a real baby after all. It was time to overhaul my entire lifestyle. Minimalism fit the bill.

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Enter, minimalism.

Now, a minimalist lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult to achieve and it's different for everyone. One of the hardest things I think most people have a hard time with is where do we even start. So, let me give you some pointers on how you can start today and make it easy!

  • 1. Decide. What areas of your life need the most help?
  • 2. What does Minimalism Mean to You?
  • 3. Create a Plan. Start Small. Make it Realistic.
  • 4. Execute & Be Ruthless!
  • 5. Keep it Up! This is Who You Are Now.

Decide. What areas of your life need the most help?

You're here aren't you? You're curious on how to develop a minimalist lifestyle for yourself. Are you down with making life simpler and maybe a little desperate to get your shit together?

Congrats to the first step. So, what areas of your life are you willing to simplify? You can apply a simpler minimalist lifestyle to any area of your life, really. All you have to do is really decide it's time.

Are you overwhelmed by everything, everyone and all the noise? Really reflect on this. Write down all the things that seem chaotic and head on down to the next pointer.

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What does Minimalism Mean to You?

Here's the thing. Minimalism is different to everyone. Spend some time figuring out what parts of this lifestyle really matter to you.

A lot of minimalist people love the aesthetic of a clean, calm environment. Or just less to look at and take care of. (That was me.) Some call themselves "extreme" minimalists where they only have a backpack or a small place full of absolute essentials.

Maybe it's the environmental and sustainable aspect of just owning, buying and producing less. The ease of minimal obligations may be big on the list! You may even just want a more uniform or streamlined flow.

Do you want to try it out for a bit, just to clean out a space or do you want minimalism to be a part of you and your lifestyle for the long-haul?

Having your "why" will help you stick to your convictions.

Create a Plan. Start Small. Make it Realistic.

You know what areas of you life need minimalism and why you're doing this. Now's the time to create the plan. You don't have to put a ton of pressure on yourself by deciding the whole house and everything else needs a renovation with minimalism right now. That's a lot at once.

It's simple, once you start in one area of your life, naturally you'll feel lighter and want to incorporate your new minimalist outlook into other areas.

All you need to remember is, less is more, everything needs to have a place, a purpose, is necessary now and not broken, ugly and do you even like it? And there is no "just in case" with stuff or clothing, only money. If you're not using it now and don't at least once a day/week, or month. Then, do you need it? Nah.

Example: If you're ready to clear out your closet because it's a hurricane like mine was. Then, you can go in with the idea that less clothing is going to give you more time in the morning to decide. Each item needs to have a hanger and a place it always goes back to. The trousers have a purpose and can be worn with multiple tops. And the kicker is, you actually enjoy wearing them. If a garment doesn't fit into those categories, then it's going into the "maybe for a real occasion" pile or the donation pile. It's that simple. We also don't do "just in case" or "dream body" with clothing. There is hardly ever a time when you're going to even touch that item.

When attributing to finances you have to be realistic. I mean we'd all love to just not have to pay the bills but we also need some of those services. The mortgage, utilities and business related expenses? Food? Yeah we need those things.

Wants on the other hand can be minimized. Do you really need all the subscriptions at once? Cut one. Or seven. You may be able to combine credit cards or loans into one payment instead of five. You may even be able to downsize your home or vehicle.

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Execute & Be Ruthless!

Yeah, I threw the exclamation point on that one!

You decided life needed a minimalistic touch and you identified why and where so, now's the time to just do it and not hold back.

People's advice is often to put things in a box and store it away. If you don't open the box for the item(s) within a certain time period then it's time to go. Usually around 3 months or so. It may work for some people but for me, I didn't understand the point. I already decided the thing needs to go in the box. Then I was just staring at this box of stuff with al it's sad dead to me energy. Ahem, or I might be tempted to peak inside out of curiosity.

Not necessary.

If you truly do not need, use or want something then it's time to let it go. You can do this with stuff, people, services, lifestyle habits and more.

Holding on to things (like the literal garbage I thought was decor) only clouds your energy. You gotta keep attending to, looking at, clean it and shuffle it around.

Ridding yourself of excess is a way to truly change your surroundings, you mind and your life. Less allows you to have more, peace, time, freedom and calm.

Ask yourself, "Do I even like or care for this?" If the answer is not a definite "YES!" then goodbye. Put it in the bin!

Sentimental items are another thing. Maybe you enjoy seeing an object and reminding yourself of loved ones or a great adventure you went on. Fine & dandy. But sometimes you may want to ask yourself "Why am I hanging on to this?".

How do I do this?

Every few months I'll de-clutter my space again and do a little life audit of what I may have accumulated. I'll put a big ol' box right in my walkway and toss whatever I no longer need in there.

And I do not look back.

It's in the way so I have to trip over it until I get so frustrated that it goes on the curb or to donation center. If I store it away, I forget.

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As for the life audit, I'll write out what isn't necessary. Outings, social obligations, draining work responsibilities, extra things I pay for, and where my bills are at. They all end up on a notebook right next to my laptop. In the way so I have to keep looking at to remind me to deal with it.

"Can I part with this?" - Simple, powerful.

If I'm wavering on a subscription like the trampoline park for my kiddo, not sure if we really use it, then I'll give it one last shot to see if it's worth the cost. If so, then make it a point to use more. If not, then goodbye.

Keep it Up! This is Who You Are Now.

I'm gonna be honest and let you know that sometimes the not so minimalist lifestyle hits the "Ooh shiny!" and might creep back in. Or you might just unconsciously acquire things, or say yes to something when maybe you shouldn't. Gifts also happen.

Sometimes reminding ourselves of our intentions, our "why" allows us to reframe and come back to who we want to be. And hey, sometimes we might just have to start again and try better next time.

When you have the chance to pause and reflect on whether or not you really need or want something. You gain the opportunity to keep your new minimalist lifestyle going.

As with anything in life, if this is important to you then you owe it to yourself to celebrate your successes in minimalism. And to keep going toward the lifestyle you enjoy.

Wrap Up:

Well, there you have it, 5 powerful tips to create a minimalist lifestyle, Easily! See a minimalist lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult to start. You can actually use these 5 tips to start today easily. You learned how to decide to start being minimalist, what minimalism means to you, created a plan, ruthless minimalist execution and you're gonna keep it up!

Go you! You're on your way to being a true minimalist now!

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