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Natural Parenting Methods from Conception
Through the Terrific Twos

  • ✧ The ONLY book of its Kind
  • ✧ A tell-all guide & memoir for real-life insight.
  • ✧ A conscious lifestyle that flows to make motherhood simpler.
  • ✧ Everything you need in a modern parenting guide.

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Why do I write to empower other like-minded mothers on their conscious, natural, parenting journey?

My Story:
Long before I became pregnant with my first daughter W. I made a commitment. If I’d ever become pregnant I’d become the healthiest version of myself possible. At the time, I thought that meant just food and exercise. I later changed my entire lifestyle for myself and her.

I was really a more naturally-minded person at heart. So, when I actually conceived W. after 2.4 years of trying, I knew in my heart that I wanted to do everything as naturally as possible. But I was scared. On one hand, I had family and doctors telling me I wasn’t able to do what I knew I was capable of. On the other, I knew other women were doing so all over the world. So, I hit the library and the internet for advice.

The problem was that I was looking in many different online groups, books, and blogs. I felt like I was piecing this lifestyle together without a clear path.

One full book would have made this much more simple. So, I wrote it! To teach everything that I had learned from conception through the terrific twos on paper. For the fellow mindful, conscious, crunchy momma. For ease.

I’ve created a full-consciously natural motherhood lifestyle that all flows together. Making motherhood simpler, with a clear path that allows us to feel confident in our motherhood journey from the day-to-day and long-term.

What's in the book?

  • ✧ How To Conceive
  • ✧ My Miscarriage Experience
  • ✧ The Perfect Pregnancy Diet & Skin Care
  • ✧ Why Issues During Pregnancy May Arise
  • ✧ Finding a Provider & Why it's OKAY to Switch
  • ✧ The Vaccine Debates From All Sides
  • ✧ Natural Birth, Pain Management & Hypnobirthing
  • ✧ How Babies Can Be Minimalists & What You Really Need
  • ✧ My Personal Home Birth Experience
  • ✧ Postpartum Care
  • ✧ Establishing Breastfeeding
  • ✧ Cloth Diapering
  • ✧ Elimination Communication
  • ✧ Postpartum Depression Symptoms & My Experience
  • ✧ Montessori In The Home
  • ✧ Parenting Styles
  • ✧ Gentle & Attachment Parenting
  • ✧ Benefits of Baby Sign Language
  • ✧ How The Twos Really Are TERRIFIC
  • ✧ & So Much More

This is for YOU, Momma!

I’ve written this book for the mom or mom-to-be who knows a natural path is calling her. The mom who really wants to parent on purpose with direction and a clear plan. One who’s fed up with the regular mainstream information, or misinformation for that matter.

For the Momma who has been told her pregnancy and parenting dreams aren’t possible! Whether this is your 1st, 2nd, or 10th time. This is for you! If you identify as a crunchy mom. Or maybe you’re in need of resources being in one place rather than searching blogs all day.

Whatever the case is for you, “Consciously Natural Momma” will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

There’s so much value in this book & none other like it!


Hey, I'm Shannon!

I teach naturally-minded moms how to navigate motherhood with a consciously natural lifestyle.
With Confidence!
I'm a homeschooling, slow living, minimalist. Also vegan, witchy & may even curse a little.
Go ahead & read around if that sounds great to you!