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May 5th. 2024 | Motherhood - Pregnancy

Pregnant? What to Drink Instead of Coffee

On the list of things not to do while pregnant, drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages is on the list. You may be wondering what you can drink instead. Especially, if you're a big coffee or tea drinker.

The caffeine limit is said to be under 200mg a day. Which isn't much. Many women want to be caffeine-free entirely because of the affects of stimulants. My unwelcome friends: heart palpitations, cortisol and panic attacks to name a few.

Pregnancy is the optimal time for making sure our bodies and minds are in tip top health. There's a lot that goes into growing a whole baby and it's a lot of work on the body. Ensuring a healthy pregnancy is the goal for many pregnant women.

Take it from me, I made a commitment to be the healthiest version of myself that I could. Prior to pregnancy I made some big lifestyle changes. Cutting out caffeine, coffee and other unhealthy habits were the first steps. The great thing is, I found the perfect beverages to drink while pregnant without the caffeine or other stimulants.

What's In This Post?

All right, lets get to the beverages!!

  • 1. All the Water
  • 2. Soda or Mineral Water
  • 3. Chicory Coffee
  • 4. Kombutcha & Teas
  • 5. Smoothies

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If you're a big caffeine drinker or love your energy drinks and sodas then now is the time to cut down and stop eventually. The affects of these stimulants are not only hard on our bodies but our minds as well. Your baby needs the best environment to thrive in utero.

Of course, if you're having ill affects of cutting cold turkey then weaning slowly (possibly with the help of a doctor) is advised. Many pregnant and nursing women cut down to one cup of coffee or tea a day. Which is fine if that works for you.

All the Water

Yeah, you know.

You're not even going to be able to avoid this one though. Not only is water essential for staying alive but while pregnant you're going to need way more.

Growing a baby takes a lot of resources and extra fluids. Your pregnant body will be storing more water than usual for your baby and placenta. Pregnancy may also make you just feel genuinely a lot more thirsty. So, don't ignore the urge for more water. Get yourself a big reuseable water bottle (I love Lifefactory bottles!) and fill it often.

Drinking the life sustaining h2o will also ensure nutrients move around the body more and lessen constipation. You're body, skin, organs, mind and baby will thank you later!

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Soda or Mineral Water

My best friend used to claim mineral water was the best for a hangover. Never steered me wrong!

You don't have a hangover though, you're pregnant and if you're pregnant your baby is taking a lot of your nutrients. Mineral water is a great way to add a little with the added bonus of flavor and bubbles.

You can also add mineral drops to filtered water or other beverages if you'd like. The drops are an efficient and cost effective method to adding more minerals to your diet.

Another alternative is just soda water.

Side Quest: I made the switch to soda water after drinking Vodka + Sprite for so long that I gained a nice amount of unwanted fat. In my quest to be healthier, (but still drink because woo my 20's were fun) I decided to cut out the sprite (high-fructose corn syrup is not our friend).

I thought drinking soda water would taste weird and I'd drink slower. And then not get too drunk. Which it did but then I ended up just loving soda water. Cutting out regular soda and all those added sugars and whatever else did make me lose 30lbs. though. Just from cutting out soda!

But hey, it's a great way to feel like we're drinking a soda pop when we're actually hydrating. The craving for regular soda eventually goes away. I can't even believe I used to drink that. Plus, W. only knows Bubbly is soda and healthy options is what I'd like to model.

Chicory Coffee

Boy was I excited about this when I discovered this! Brewed just like coffee.

A great alternative to actual coffee is Chicory Coffee. You may be thinking you can just drink decaff coffee. Okay, fine but there's still trace amounts of caffeine in decaff and it's not said to be entirely great for us.

Why not add in some extra nutrients without taking out the taste?

That's where Chicory coffee comes in. It's basically a tea made from chicory of course. But it's thick and rich like coffee. Plus, this brand has a ton of different flavors and I've found it in some of my regular grocery stores!

The added bonus is not only is chicory caffeine-free, it's acid-free, herbal, probiotic and you get a boost from the natural nutrients. Which is all great for digestion. And you'll need that during your pregnancy.

I also was able to drink it all day long, even before bed without feeling the jitters or anxiety coffee would give me. Which is great because sometimes we just really want the warmth and taste from coffee.

Teeccino! brand also has a ton of different flavors, teas and other products. Which are all aimed at digestive and other health benefits! Many of their products are gluten free too. Now that I'm a regular coffee drinker again sometimes I mix chicory into my coffee blend.

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Kombutcha & Other Teas

So, there's a lot of debate on whether or not kombutcha products are good for us. Especially while pregnant. The added refined sugar is necessary for the brewing process. But it is still refined sugar.

At the time of my pregnancy with W. I was concerned about what I was putting into my body. I also brewed kombutcha at home on my counter. I asked the in-hospital midwife (I switched later) if it was safe to drink.

To my surprise, she came back to tell me it's safe to drink but people are concerned about kombutcha not being pasteurized if brewed at home. So, she advised me to only drink the brands in the store. Which was fair. I hadn't even thought that far and was thinking about the caffeine content and small amount of alcohol.

Do not fear, the trace amounts of alcohol and caffeine are super miniscule. You're not going to hurt your baby by drinking this. Moderation is key of course because there is a lot of sugar left in after the brewing is complete.

Kombutcha + Soda Water is my go to for an evening mocktail these days as well!


Hey! Don't forget about the benefits of herbal teas as well. Digestive teas are great like dandelion, mint and ginger. If you wean yourself from caffeine and other substances then you'll actually be able to feel the effects.

As I got more spiritual and into my witchy craft I discovered tea benefits for my mind and soul too. I made a bit of a ritual of having tea time. W. and I love tea, journals and books before bed.

You can also find teas with much less caffeine than coffee. Green tea for instance has a lot of benefits but only has about 35 mg of caffeine per 8oz. cup.

Regular Brewed coffee is around 100-200mg. Espresso is 240-720mg. So, a light cup of green tea would be a less caffeinated alternative.


How could you forget about smoothies?! These versatile blended salads are so simple and packed full of nutrients!

Admittedly, I didn't actually love smoothies for the longest time. Until I went vegan and realized smoothies are the simplest thing to make. They're a great addition to any meal and can be made ahead and in so many ways.

You're sure to get a boost of energy from a fruit smoothie any day. What a great way to add in some extra beneficial calories too. Plus, you'll be getting in your daily fruits and veg easily. Smoothies are also wonderful for modeling healthy habits for young ones.

Wrap Up:

Did you learn something new today?

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favorites! With a few modifications you can make sure you're nourishing your body, mnd and growing baby. Without the effects of stimulants.

Alongside drinking all the glorious water, you can have mineral water, soda water, Or add mineral drops to your regular water or beverages.

Get your hand on some Chicory Coffee as well and you wont be disappointed.

Now you know what you can drink while pregnant. I hope this post gave you some more options.


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