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January 1st. 2024 | Motherhood

5 Tips To Help You Actually Conceive Your Baby Fast!

Whether you've been trying to conceive a new baby for a while now or just started, the truth is sometimes getting pregnant doesn't happen right away. Sometimes we need to help the process along to fulfill our motherhood dreams. Baby making can take some time but with these 5 conception tips you can be confident that your baby is on the way.

As someone who was trying to conceive for 2.4 years, I can definitely relate! Conceiving W. not only took longer than I expected but it felt impossible after a while. In the beginning, I was unaware that getting pregnant didn't just always happen right away for some women.

I later adjusted my lifestyle and habits with these tips below to help my chances of conceiving. Sure enough, I became pregnant and motherhood took off from there!.

So, What's In This Post?

Not everyone needs to try too hard when trying to conceive naturally but some of us need a little extra help. Let me give you the 5 tips on how to help you conceive that precious baby! Here we go!

  • 1. Have a plan
  • 2. Prepare The Environment
  • 3. Cycle Tracking
  • 4. Have Sex!
  • 5. Relax & Let It Come

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Allow me to elaborate...

Have a Plan:

Before conceiving your beautiful baby you really do need a plan and not to be taken lightly.

Are you and your partner on the same page here? Are you both willing to put in the time and effort it takes to share the huge job of parenting? Make sure your parenting philosophies, life goals, and values line up. This will help in avoiding major havoc in the future.(Assuming you're not going it alone that is.)

Are you financially, mentally, physically and spiritually ready to begin a pregnancy and bring a new baby into the world? Having health care in place for yourself and preparing for the "what if's" is also necessary.

Also, making sure you have enough saved to be able to take time off of work or live on your partners income are all steps to feeling secure after the baby arrives. There's also the factor of "do we have enough space?" or even time to focus on a baby. Can you take time away from your career? Do you have a solid support system? If not, can you afford to hire?

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Prepare The Environment:

With the above stated, now is the time to actually start! By preparing your body for this huge feat!

Natural conception needs the optimal conditions, seriously. The egg needs to be healthy and your body may take more than one cycle to produce a healthy egg. So, cut out any bad habits first like smoking,caffeine, drinking alcohol, late nights and removing stress. Then, you can move on to light exercise, eating healthily and drinking plenty of water.

In my book, "Consciously Natural Momma: Natural Parenting Methods from Conception Through the Terrific Twos!" I explain how and why my lifestyle habits did not help my chances of conception and why it took so long for me.

Read Unexpected Ways the Vegan Diet is Perfect for Pregnancy. Which will give you a head start on nutrition!

Sperm also needs optimal environments to survive and thrive so they can fertilize the egg. So, get your partner on board with a healthier lifestyle too!

For us women we can drink raspberry leaf tea which aids in preparing the body for menstruation and pregnancy. Men and women can consume maca root as well. This boosts libido, improves circulation, gives you energy and may even make your skin glow. Let me tell you, maca really works too!

Cycle Tracking:

Tracking my cycle completely changed my life and baby making game! Did you know ovulation only has about a 12 hour window? Yeah, I didn't either!

After downloading the app Ovia Health I truly started learning about how my body and cycle actually works. They have an anonymous questions area on the app that was very helpful and you don't have to worry about being found out. So, ask the embarrassing questions all you want.

Again, I explain all of this and much more in my book. But this cycle tracking app not only has a calendar that predicts when your menstruation will come but it also predicts when you may ovulate and gives you tracking tools and tips to help you pin point it.

You can also add your partner to the app with their email so you can both be on the same page and track together. Have a spouse who's out of town sometimes like I was? Well, you can both know when they need to be home to do the deed!

In addition to the app I suggest picking up a pack of ovulation & pregnancy strips. You may need a lot and even the cheapo ones will detect ovulation and pregnancy just like any other test. No sense in spending a lot more on a test that picks up the same HCG levels.

Eventually, if you've been tracking for a while you won't really need the tools and you'll just feel when it happens.

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Have Sex!

Yeah, the fun part!

Now that you know how to prepare the environment and when you'll be ovulating you need to actually get down to business.

You don't need any fancy positions or standing on your head or anything. Do it if you want though I'm not stopping anyone. 😉

All you really need to do is remember that ovulation has about a 12 hour window. That means sperm have 12 hours to make sure they meet that egg!

Your partner needs to have optimal sperm count too. So, it's recommended to not have too much sex but not too little either. Having sex up to 5 days prior to ovulation is enough for perfect sperm to survive in the perfect conditions. But that's not always the case.

You want mature sperm so don't sex or masturbate too often. And if it's been a while then do the deed a few days before ovulation. This will clear out any older sperm to have stronger ones get to the egg.

Then, have sex on ovulation day. It's easier than it sounds really.

Once ovulation is complete it's a done deal. The egg is either fertilized or it's not.

Relax & Let it Come:

Relaxing and allowing in life is just a nice general rule of thumb. I know, easier said than done but it's always true.

For trying to conceive, getting and staying pregnant relaxation is actually key!

Many women swear by "When you quit trying you finally fall pregnant!".

(I didn't want to believe it either!)

The reason being is cortisol (the hormone produced when we're stressed, angry or in survival mode) will actually hinder your chances of having regular cycles and keeping the egg attached after it's fertilized

Cortisol can actually alert our bodies to expel a fertilized egg.

I explain in my book how I actually spent 2.4 years trying to get pregnant. At one point I was SO obsessed and stressed about it not happening that my body quite menstruating. For TWO months. I even had a miscarriage which just made matters worse. When I later became pregnant with W. it was at a time when I actually decided to quit trying to conceive and finally relaxed about it.

Living in a healthy environment free of stress and removing any stressful lifestyle factors will increase your chances. For me it was dancing long hours, traveling, smoking, relationship problems, a lot of bar food and obsessing about not being pregnant. Once I let go of expectations, I was pregnant.

Wrap Up:

So there you have it! 5 tips to help you conceive your awesome baby so much faster! You've learned why having a plan for parenthood is important, how to prepare your body for an optimal environment. You have a new app Ovia Health to download to track your cycles.

You can get a pack of ovulation & pregnancy strips to aid in figuring out your ovulation window. You know the optimal times to have sex to conceive and why relaxing is the most helpful way to increase your chances of becoming pregnant! I wish you well on getting pregnant and your motherhood journey!

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