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April 22nd. 2024 | Motherhood - Pregnancy

How Conceiving a Baby Naturally Actually Happens

I'm sure we all know about the birds and the bees here. But today I'd like to talk about how natural pregnancy conception works.

Yeah, women may get pregnant the first time trying or by what feels like pure luck or chance. It can't be that complex! Some women may even get pregnant and not even want to or realize at first. (That's a whole other topic though.)

In the past, I honestly had no idea how baby making even worked. I kinda of had the gist on how people get pregnant but I genuinely thought I just had to have sex without birth control.

I detailed in my book how it took me 2.4 years of trying to conceive before W. came to us. Complete with one miscarriage.

With everything I had gone through, I realized, I wasn't even sure how my body functioned. And that maybe others didn't either. I learned a ton of baby making information in those 2.4 years. Most of all, I learned it doesn't have to be that difficult.

But it can be more than just do n' the deed.

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Today I'm talking about how our woman bodies function on a monthly basis and how you can utilize this information on conceiving your beautiful baby naturally and holistically.

Here's What's in This Post:

  • ✧ Your Monthly Cycle & Tracking
  • ✧ You May Need To Plan it Out a Bit
  • ✧ More Than Just Sex

Your Monthly Cycle & Tracking:

We all know how women bleed but let me give you a quick run down of how our monthly cycles work.

  1. Menstruation: 2-7 days. When we shed the uterine lining. This is actually where we start the cycle.
  2. The Follicular Phase: Lasts about 11-27 days. The follicle matures into an egg.
  3. Ovulation: About 12-24 hours. The egg waits to be fertilized by sperm If not, then the egg is released.
  4. Luteal Phase: 12-16 days. Eggs travels down Fallopian tube to uterus. This is when the egg (now it's called a zygote) will start implanting itself into the lining of the uterus .
  5. Pregnancy or Not: You can take a pregnancy test. If your HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels are high enough it read pregnant. Our levels typically go up high fast each day we're pregnant so this is unlikely to give you a false negative.
  6. Menstruation: If you're not pregnant then the cycle repeats.

The cycles last from 21-35 days depending on the woman. The average is about 28 days (same as the moon, fun fact.) These timelines can very a lot. In a perfect world where we're all average, would be 28 days. Day 1 is Menstruation, day 14 ovulation, and 14 days after that would usually be enough time to see two lines on a pregnancy test.


You can get the gist of how long yours are through tracking. Knowing exactly when you ovulate is important for baby making. As well as if your cycles are regular. If they aren't on a monthly basis then you may want to consult a doctor to see why.

In my post, "5 Tips To Help You Actually Conceive Your Baby Fast!" I outlined how to track cycles to conceive even faster.

I loved the app Ovia Health because it had everything I needed. There are tips, a calendar, the app tracks your input and helps you pinpoint ovulation, you can anonymously ask questions and more. I ended up using it so much that now I don't need it and I can just feel what point of my cycle I'm in.

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You May Need to Plan a Bit:

So, knowing how your natural cycles work, how consistent you are and when you ovulate is key.

But you may need to still plan a bit. We all have busy lives and that ovulation day is top on the important list when you're trying to conceive naturally.

You really only have about 12-24 hours to get the sperm to the egg. The good news is, we're usually a lot more aroused during this time so you have that on your side.

Sperm also need to be in tip top shape as well. As I said in this post, sperm can also become weak if not utilized😉.

Too much sex will produce immature sperm but too little sex will produce old weak sperm as well.

So, it's recommended to have sex four days prior to ovulation to "clear out" any old sperm. If you're away from each other then I'm sure you can fill in the blanks on what to do instead.

Plan on having sex the night before ovulation and the day of as well. That should get you covered on the 12-24 hour window.

More Than Just Sex:

The next part is really just about relaxing and letting your body do its thing. I outlined in my book how I wasn't relaxed at all. How I didn't prepare my body for conception and my lifestyle habits were not in top shape for conception. My cortisol levels were through the roof!

Preparing your body (read) is also one of the most important things you can do. Eggs and sperm thrive in the most optimal conditions.

Worth a shot really. These days I love to drink raspberry leaf tea during my cycles. And in the past I consumed maca root and took prenatal vitamins before I was pregnant and during our nursing years.

Wrap Up:

There you have it, how natural conception actually works and a few tips to get the ball rolling. Today you learned how to conceive a baby naturally using simple fertility methods. Such as, understanding your cycles, using the fertility app Ovia, pinpointing your ovulation window, having sex at the right moments and relaxing with a little raspberry tea and preparing your body. I hope this post helped you and happy baby making!

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